How to Start the Business


Location where customers are easy to access (near intersection, expressway interchange or commercial facilities)

Land- use zone

Site: Moderate size according to the size of hydrogen station

Land- use zoneCan’t build in the following locations
・Category 1and 2 low rise-rise exclusive residential districts,
・Category 1and 2 medium-to-high-rise exclusive residential districts
・Exclusive industrial districts

Qualification for operation staff

The supervisor qualified with high pressure safety is required for each station.
Generally, in one hydrogen station, 2~3 staffs are appointed and at least one staff is required during operation.

<*Requirement for the supervisor qualified with high pressure safety>

  1. The staff certificated under the High Pressure Gas Safety Act.
  2. Experiences over six months of high pressure hydrogen or liquid hydrogen production

Laws and ordinances, regulation

There are various laws and ordinances, regulations and technical standards concerning safety in hydrogen station construction and operation.

Subsidy for hydrogen station

Please refer to the website of Next Generation Vehicle Promotion Center (NeV)

Benefits for infrastructure providers participating in JHyM

1. Reduction of initial investment for a hydrogen station

2. Continuous supports for hydrogen station operation