Hydrogen station network
For the spread of clean mobility.

About us

Japan H2 mobility, LLC, which we call “JHyM”, contributes to realize the hydrogen society and aims to develop a hydrogen station network for FCVs (Fuel Cell Vehicles) in Japan. By establishing a hydrogen infrastructure for hydrogen mobility widespread use in Japan, JHyM offers FCV drivers more convenient access to hydrogen stations. In the field of mobility including FCVs a, hydrogen is expected to be one of the energies to solve global environmental issues of greenhouse gas emissions and Japanese energy security of stable resources simultaneously. Toward the realization of clean air and sustainable society, JHyM goes forward to a new stage.


In order to develop the hydrogen station network, JHyM aims to accelerate the strategic deployment of hydrogen stations in Japan, promote the stable and efficient operation at the stations, and facilitate a positive cycle of improved convenience for FCV customers.
  • Strategic deployment of
    hydrogen stations

    Currently hydrogen stations in Japan have been deployed mainly in the four major metropolitan areas. Based on the current hydrogen station network, JHyM will promote the strategic deployment to build a network to the whole country by spreading from the points to line and surface.
  • Cost down for
    hydrogen stations

    JHyM will build the foundation to accelerate the spread of the hydrogen station network, by reducing the cost for hydrogen station construction and operation. JHyM will achieve the full-fledged development of the hydrogen station by addressing issues such as the standardization of equipment and relaxation of the current regulations in cooperation with the related organizations.
  • Improvement of
    convenience for
    FCV customers

    In order to encourage FCV customers to use hydrogen, JHyM will improve the convenience of the stations, for example, by extending business days and business hours to meet the increased hydrogen demand in the future.

Company Profile

Japan H2 Mobility , LLC is the world’s first collaborative enterprise consisting of hydrogen station owners and operators, automobile companies and financial investors to work together at hydrogen mobility field in Japan. JHyM will accelerate the development of hydrogen stations in cooperation of public and private sectors.
Corporate name Japan H2 Mobility, LLC
(abbreviated name) JHyM
Corporate Website https://www.jhym.co.jp/en
Established February 20, 2018
Address 3-18-2 Kudan-minami Chiyoda-ku Tokyo
Telephone number 03-5214-6711
Representative Hideki Sugawara
Company capital 50 million yen

Participating companies

Automakers Toyota Motor Corporation
Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.
Honda Motor Co. Ltd.
Infrastructure Developers JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation
Idemitsu Kosan Co. Ltd.
Iwatani Corporation, Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd.
Toho Gas Co. Ltd., Air Liquide Japan Ltd.
Nemoto Tsusho K.K.
Investors Toyota Tsusho Corporation
Development Bank of Japan Inc.
Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc.
Sumitomo Mitsui Finance and Leasing Company, Limited
NEC Capital Solutions Limited
Mirai Creation Fund (Managing Company :SPARX Group Co,. Ltd.)