Outline of HRS

What’s a HRS?  … It’s a Hydrogen Refueling Station.

As same as gasoline cars are refueled at gas stations, a hydrogen station is the place FCVs are filled up with hydrogen. The time to refuel is about 3 minutes to full the tank.

Main components in hydrogen station (off-site station)

The externally procured hydrogen is compressed by the compressor and stored in the accumulator. When filling hydrogen gas rapidly in FCV tank, temperature rises by adiabatic compression, so in order to prevent rise of tank temperature, precooler sufficiently cools hydrogen before filling FCV with hydrogen from dispenser.

Types of hydrogen stations

There are 3 types depending on the difference of hydrogen supply method at hydrogen station.

On-site station

In a hydrogen station, hydrogen is produced from city gas, LP gas, etc. in the hydrogen station, and business operators fill and sell hydrogen for FCV.
Business operators: companies that have hydrogen sources such as city gas and LP gas, etc.

Off-site station

The externally produced hydrogen is delivered to a hydrogen station, and business operators fill and sell hydrogen for FCV. (There are two types of hydrogen state, liquid hydrogen and compressed hydrogen.)
Business operators: companies that procure hydrogen from the supplier.

Mobile station

Hydrogen station is loading hydrogen filling devices on truck.

Business types of hydrogen station

Hydrogen stations are operated independently, and are deployed in conjunction with facilities of various industries.

with a convenience store
with a petrol station
with a CNG station
with a natural gas and LP gas station
with an airport